Hello, and thank you for visiting us here in southwest Florida on pretty Pine Island. My husband and I live on our one and a half acre property that is completely fenced, tree lined and gated. Our pool home is nestled among an abundance of palms and pine trees where our dogs are in their element to swim and play in the wide open spaces.

I have had a love for this beautiful, fun-loving breed ever since I can remember. Many people seek Golden Retrievers because of their physical appearance, reputation as a family dog and their good temperament. Goldens live up to these expectations and usually exceed them. I have chosen to responsibly breed and raise them with help and guidance from my friend and mentor, ChristineBest@agoldenparadise.comwww.agoldenparadise.com


By being a hobby breeder I will be fulfilling my,"golden dream," as a stay at home puppy mom. From day one I will be there at every stage seeing to their needs(mommy's too!). They will be gently handled and played with. As they grow they will be introduced to nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. All this will make your job a lot easier as they grow into adulthood. Our dogs love all the attention when it comes to this grooming!


The puppies will be born and raised in our home in a perfect area in our great room. The lanai doors are right there as well so at about 3wks. of age when they start moving around and needing more room a small run can be created for them. I am so excited about our outdoor puppy room that will have a fenced deck that will soon be completed (pictures to come soon). At 4wks. when they start getting bored with the same area and toys I will transport them (no paws on grass until after puppy shots at 6wks.) to the outdoor room. Here they can have new experiences with different toys and smells. Then at 6wks. I will introduce each one separately to the pool and teach them to swim to the steps and how to climb out. It's very important for them to know where those steps are! They will be shown the puppy door at this time as well. I believe all the different stimulation they receive in these early puppy days helps them develop strong bodies, immune systems and minds to flourish into adulthood.


Please enjoy the website and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Have a Golden day!

Lisa Fries

Lisa Fries
(239) 229-0461

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